Bring Out The Bold



This past week we took Listerine’s challenge “Are You Bold Enough?”, and gave our wardrobe a major restyle. By stocking up one of favorite Saudi designers Reem Al Kanhal.

We took the challenge and added a little bit of twist, not only are we bring out the bold we doing so while wearing Saudi designer to help, promote and support our Saudi talent.

Listerine is embracing bold science where it is designed to care for the entire mouth including the 75% missed by brushing alone as Listerine Brand continues to be an integral part of a complete oral hygiene routine with over 100 years experiences worldwide it is also one of the most recommended mouth washes by dentists.

We are collaborating with Listerine to show how the brand brings you confidence and pushes you to be bold with your life choices from a mouth wash to your fashion senses.

Where can you get Listerine total care zero mouthwash? It is available at all mass food stores, drug and merchandise retailers.

Check out Listerine’s facebook page HERE for more information