Arwa Al Banawi

I have been fascinated by Arwa since she dropped her first collection back in 2015, the way she captures our culture and incorporates in such a modern way is mesmerising. I met her when I went to Paris is October and got to know her even more on my last trip to Dubai. I got […]

How does one seek the Great Perhaps ?

I have always looked at my shopping habit as an indulgence. why? well.. the definition of indulgence is doing something that you enjoy even if it has negative consequences. Buying yourself something that you don’t need, be it a cookie, Stella McCartney backpack, or a tiffany diamond necklace, is an indulgence. which is exactly what I am […]


Who? Han Chong. Label? Self-Portrait. The Self-Portrait aesthetic? “I’d sum up our DNA as feminine, detailed and contemporary romance. Most of the designs are rather detailed and with their layered textures and combinations of materials, these designs have multiple references to various time periods and styles. A lot of the dresses are very feminine, but […]