Bring Out The Bold



This past week we took Listerine’s challenge “Are You Bold Enough?”, and gave our wardrobe a major restyle. By stocking up one of favorite Saudi designers Reem Al Kanhal.

We took the challenge and added a little bit of twist, not only are we bring out the bold we doing so while wearing Saudi designer to help, promote and support our Saudi talent.

Listerine is embracing bold science where it is designed to care for the entire mouth including the 75% missed by brushing alone as Listerine Brand continues to be an integral part of a complete oral hygiene routine with over 100 years experiences worldwide it is also one of the most recommended mouth washes by dentists.

We are collaborating with Listerine to show how the brand brings you confidence and pushes you to be bold with your life choices from a mouth wash to your fashion senses.

Where can you get Listerine total care zero mouthwash? It is available at all mass food stores, drug and merchandise retailers.

Check out Listerine’s facebook page HERE for more information

How does one seek the Great Perhaps ?

I have always looked at my shopping habit as an indulgence. why? well.. the definition of indulgence is doing something that you enjoy even if it has negative consequences. Buying yourself something that you don’t need, be it a cookie, Stella McCartney backpack, or a tiffany diamond necklace, is an indulgence. which is exactly what I am doing buying stuff I don’t need just for the sake of buying or boredom. 

You buy a bag and you’re happy that moment, but the next its just POOF nothing. One smart lady named Dorothy Wang once said that you can buy an herms bag and you can look it and feel happy but at the end of the night it won’t hug you back.

 One of my favourite books is Looking for Alaska by John Green, its about breaking the norm and seeking the “great perhaps”. I took the liberty into reading it one more time last week and it got my brain muscles excessing.. what is The Great Perhaps and how do you seek it?

I feel like everyone is so comfortable in their own bubble and daily routine that we don’t realise that is the cause of our suffering.. our routines lead to the ultimate labyrinth of suffering.

So what is the way out of the indulgence and maze of shallowness?

Honestly, how does one seek the Great Perhaps ?

The Lounge Look

Special Finds : Labels to Watch

Sister Jane:

“Serving up femininity with a vintage twist, sister jane perfects your 9-9 style with its pretty blouses and tailored separates. Embroidered Peter-Pan collars, delicate pleats and lace appliqué are our favourite details.”


“Bones feeds your need for comfy threads with a streetwear edge with its cool co-ords and slouchy separates. Make its drapey jersey, mesh leggings and boyfriend fits your new casual heroes.”

First & I

“Head-turners, take note – First & I is the brand you need to know, taking the latest trends and adding their own bohemian edge. We’re talking bold prints, bright colours and statement pieces, with dresses, cute crop tops and midi skirts leading the line-up.”

Lavish Alice

“The Lavish Alice girl is fierce and unique. Super-fearless in her fashion choices she loves bold prints, bright pops of colour and clean lines with lots of catwalk inspiration. PU bustiers, mesh pencil skirts and cut-out bodies add statement style to the Lavish Alice collection.”